"Power has only one duty - to secure the social welfare of the people."

Benjamin Disraeli

Prior to the election we wrote to the four federal party leaders, letting them know who we are and why we seek their support to change the 114 year-old legislation that has long outlived the principles for which it was originally enacted.

We received three positive responses.

Liberal Party of Canada - Justin Trudeau, MP

“A secure and comfortable retirement is essential to achieving middle-class success, and Liberals believe that the federal government must do more to fulfill this promise.

As we get closer to the election, and begin to unravel our election platform, I am confident that our policies will be reflective of the concerns and priorities shared by many Canadians and organizations such as yours.”

Mr. Trudeau’s full response is provided here

New Democratic Party
The Honourable Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Opposition

“New Democrats want to acknowledge the debt we owe our seniors and reward the years of hard work and dedication to our country. That’s why we are committed to ending these archaic restrictions on benefits for pensioners and their spouses.”

Mr. Mulcair’s full response is provided here

Green Party of Canada - Elizabeth May, MP

“The Green Party wholeheartedly supports the efforts of the Surviving Spouses Pension Fairness Coalition.  We will ensure that the surviving spouses of plan sponsors who have married after age 60 or after retiring are no longer prevented from accessing the pension benefits to which they are entitled.”

Ms. May’s full response is provided here