New Action Planning   

“Prior to the 2015 election we approached the four federal party leaders and received 3 positive responses. When the Liberals came to power they mandated one Minister to address the issue. - the Minister of Veterans Affairs. However, there has been no action and nothing has been done.

Since it’s easy to extract promises in the run-up to the election, but much more difficult to have those promises kept, we decided for the recent election not to write to the party leaders.

As we mentioned on the News page, the government is now in a minority position and we believe this creates unique opportunities for a different approach. We intend to act accordingly. Please watch this page for updates.”

Your story needs to be heard !

If your spouse could be affected by the legislation,
you need to let your MP know about the worry it causes both of you. 
If you are a surviving spouse who has already been denied a pension,
your MP needs to understand the adverse impact it has had on your life.

We will continue pressuring the Government but your story, in your words, is a more powerful voice. Write a personal letter to your MP and demand to know why antiquated legislation should adversely impact your life.

In a letter to us, as Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau said: “A secure and comfortable retirement is essential to achieving middle-class success, and Liberals believe that the federal government must do more to fulfill this promise.”

 Ask your MP to demand that the Prime Minister keep that promise.

Some questions you may have about writing

Does it matter if my MP is not a Liberal?

No. In fact, it would be a very good thing if your letter helps to get an opposition party pushing for this change. The opposition parties are able to pressure government stronger than anyone else, and they have increased influence now that the government is a minority. But first, your MP needs to hear from you.

I have already been denied a pension. How does this help me?

We feel strongly about this injustice. While our Government dragged its feet, many more surviving spouses like you have been left destitute. We want government to provide a pension for you, but your MP won’t understand if you don’t describe the dreadful impact it has had on your life.

Is there a form letter?

We don’t believe form letters have much impact. To an MP, an identical letter from a hundred people is the same as one letter, and it has very little influence. However, when an MP gets even a few personal letters, the words are meaningful and significantly increase the chances of getting action.

Do not tell yourself: “I won’t bother. Others will write.” With that approach, the coalition cannot succeed. Remember: You have a lot at stake.

Can I get help writing my letter?

Yes. We are pleased to provide a guide that you can find here.

What about the media?

You should send a copy of your letter to you local paper. With the issue in enough local papers, it should have a good chance of being picked up by the national papers as well as radio and television.

The Liberal Government needs to be asked publicly why, as a government who claims to be dedicated to eliminating poverty among seniors, they continue to cause that poverty by depriving seniors of pensions.

What will it cost to send letters to MPs?

Nothing. When you write to any Member of Parliament you do not require any postage. Our suggestion is to print “No Postage Required” where you would normally put a stamp.