We are pleased to have a government that understands the importance of our goal and whose platform included a pledge to lift seniors out of poverty. As we move on, we wish to thank those who assisted us in getting to this point with their support, strategic guidance and other help.

Hon. Joe Jordan, Blue Sky Strategy Group Inc.

Joe, previously a Liberal MP and then a Senior Consultant with the Capital Hill Group, worked with us pro bono to provide important strategic guidance and counsel. We are grateful for Joe's help and look forward to working with him again in his new position at Blue Sky Strategy Group Inc.

Party leaders who responded to our request

We wrote to the four federal leaders, seeking their commitment, and heard from three - Justin Trudeau (Liberal), Tom Mulcair (NDP) and Elizabeth May (Green). We appreciate their positive responses, which can be found on our “Politics” page.

MPs who met with us personally

During the lead-up to the election and during the very busy time of the election campaign three MPs found time to meet with us, providing their counsel and carrying our issue forward. They were John McCallum (Liberal), Elizabeth May (Green Party) and Peter Stoffer (NDP).

Our volunteers

Early in the process we had a lot of data to analyze and retired seniors from across the country volunteered their help. They are too many to mention individually but their considerable help deserves both our thanks and public recognition.

Our coalition partners

Our coalition partners represent 5.2 million Canadians. In addition to the issue of depriving surviving spouses of pensions, they are also concerned about a range of things associated with that deprivation, such as the impacts on seniors’ health, caregivers, and women’s’ issues.

CBC Pensioners National Association

This association was the first coalition partner and deserves special thanks. From the very start they have been fully supportive and even provided the funding for a number of things, such as this website and its upkeep.

Bernard Dussault

From 1992 to 1998 Bernard was the Chief Actuary of the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and the Public Service Superannuation Plan.He used his significant actuarial experience in pensions and benefits to provide us with important financial analysis.

Chris Roberts, CLC

Chris is the Director of Social and Economic Policy for the Canadian Labour Congress and he has been generous with his time, providing valuable counsel. He advised CLC President, Hassan Yussuff, about our cause resulting in the support of this influential organization.